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The Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail (UHQT) brings local traditions to the forefront for travelers and residents alike. Quilt patterns are displayed on hand-painted panels on over 290 of the Upstate region’s homes, barns, churches, community buildings, and historic sites.  Panels showcase colorful stories and generations of craftsmanship that contribute to the region’s rich history. Touring the UHQT by walking, biking, boating on Lake Keowee or car provides enjoyment for all ages.

Every quilt tells a story, and every story leads to discovery

The Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail


Celebrating quilting tradition in the upstate of South Carolina

Quilts are so much more than just blankets

They're works of art that keep us warm without and within. Each quilt has a history and tells the stories not only of those who designed them and created them originally, but also those who've cared deeply enough to carry these stories on and add them to the trail to share with others.


Collaborating closely with quilters and quilt owners, the dedicated UHQT production team works tirelessly to restore historic quilts to their original colors, replicating the essence of these cherished pieces.

Education and community engagement

Our UHQT production team volunteers often take the stage in local schools, delivering captivating quilting education programs. These sessions culminate in an inspiring hands-on experience, where students are guided in painting a panel that will be displayed on their school.

Our mission

The Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail (UHQT) celebrates the rich heritage of the region through collaboration with local organizations and communities to promote the history and culture of upstate South Carolina. UHQT provides workshops, lectures and participating in local events promoting quilting and local quilters. Our community gains appreciation for the stories which quilts can pass on to enrich future generations.

Extending our reach

We proudly provide support for other communities across South Carolina and beyond who share the desire to establish their own Quilt Trail.

On the trail

Quilt panels on the trail are as beautiful and diverse as the stories behind them. Stories are written about each quilt, sharing memories from families as well as history of the pattern and location. Many of the quilts are on private property. Please view them from public land and ask permission before trespassing on private property.

Our Newest Quilts

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